It is a cool story of two uncool people – Amu and Ontie. They didn’t know they were Amu and Ontie when they met years ago. As they met, sparks flew, smoke rose up, there was a short circuit and they realized that they had similar loose connections in their brains. They both had insanely common habits with no goals in life – they would click donkeys’ pictures to their way back home, discuss about common crushes, argue about the motivations of their favorite book and movie characters, drive through the outskirts of the city, singing songs on the way, to reach nowhere and bitched about narcissistic girls and boys, as if they were different. And slowly, shaped by their friendship and randomness, they grew up to be Amu and Ontie.

Through tedious metamorphosis, amu and ontie turned into ‘The Shining Sisters’ – but not too identical in nature. They had arguments and counter arguments of their own kind. They tried to delayer what they read, wrote, and heard. From Ghalib’s metaphors to Gulzar’s poetry, from Van Gogh to Amrita Shergill, from Ayn Rand to Salman Rushdie, from V for Vendetta to Rang De Basanti –  everything from the inception of the idea to its execution enticed them. They started figuring out the pattern of every randomness and drew mental Ven Diagram’s of similarities between two independent occurrences of similar incidents.

One day, years and years after they met, Amu had to leave the city. They always knew this moment would come but were never mentally prepared to face it.  With time they continued living without each other but the never ending discussions about people, ideologies, art, literature and life went on and kept them sufficiently insane for this all too sane world.

So here they are, this time was trying to figure out what others think of their random discussions and how can they build our circle of crazy. That is how ‘Art Pickles’ was found – to collect the insanities from all over the world and merge them together for the sake of good art.

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