Art Jaipur (2-5 Nov, 2017)

Art Jaipur is a mix of traditional, contemporary and digital art embodying the spirit of Jaipur where the past is preserved and cherished as much as the future is anticipated.

Featuring on-site commissions and interactive panel discussions, the Fair will provide a space to learn, imagine and showcase talent.

Key Highlights of the Exhibition


Divine Krishna


Pic Courtesy: pinterest

This section showcases varying depictions of Lord Krishna and his divinity through various schools of traditional art to modern and contemporary works.




Pic Courtesy: pinterest

This section showcases works by participating galleries. An eclectic mix of modern, contemporary or traditional by artists represented by the galleries. Exhibitors bring their collection for the viewing pleasure of the patrons.
Adorning Krishna 


Pic Courtesy: pinterest

Art Jaipur dedicates a section to the art of adorning Lord Krishna, an exclusive showcase of jewelry from the prestigious jewelers of Jaipur.
Art Prints – Rewind


Pic Courtesy: ravivarmaoleographs

Art Prints are not a recent phenomenon. Art Prints have a played a vital role in taking art to the houses of common people by making it affordable and thus popularizing it.Exhibitors will display oleographs, lithographs, calendar art and other older art prints.
Art Trending


Pic Courtesy:

Digital Art, video art, performance art and other upcoming forms of art that are either not yet accepted as art form or are looked upon with skepticism.
In an effort to encourage dialogue and awareness, Art Jaipur dedicates an entire section to new forms of art.
Art Staple 

This section for amateur artists and art students.


Pic Courtesy:

Exhibition of works by children at Juvenile Justice Homes. These art works would be auctioned and proceeds from this auction would go to the children to help
them start their lives when they return back to the society


For more details, visit :

Venue : Jaipur Exhibition & Convention Centre, Jaipur, Rajasthan

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