When Me is My Muse

Imagine the muse in the centre and artists around him/her observing every breath, moving eyelids and trembling lips. The elegance is documented in measured smile and body curves are depicted with bold strokes, but how about watching oneself while illustrating the nuances of one’s features. The first thing that comes to our mind is the perfection of the mirror image. One cannot possibly authenticate the reflection of inner emotions while drawing? Isn’t all about peeping deep into the body vs soul conflict – amalgamation of inner and outer self?

Most of the times it is expressing one’s delusional state through colors and canvas, what we call as a self-portrait, when deconstructed, it narrates the story of the artist’s mind.

  • Titan(Tiziano Vecelli, 16th century Italian Centre) in young age was reluctant for self –portraits but with old age he was keen to portray the elements of his old age in a poised way to express pride and narcissism.


Pic Courtesy : wikipedia

Dolce quoted  “Titan’s portrait are of such great excellence that there is no more life in the life itself and are all of Kings, Emperors, Price, Popes or other men of stature.”

  • Rembrant (17th century Dutch artist) was incredibly present in all his self-portraits, his art teach us the ability to observe and on looking closely at his expressions we realize the integrated maturity that the artist has experinced throughout his life.


Pic Courtesy: Wikipedia


  • Artemisia Gentileschi (17th century Italian artist)- her paintings are inextricably bound to her social circumstances.


Source : wikipedia

“ Artemisia’s rape caused her anguish is an admissible hypothesis about her, , but it is not thereby a fact about her art. The story of the artist is not the story of the artist’s art.” (Silvers, 1990, 365) He discounts the idea that circumstances outside of the art itself could in any way contribute to how it is produced and the genius inherent in it — a “purist” interpretation that theoretically effaces the creator in favor of the creation”

– Anita Silvers

Although Selfies are the new self –portraits that freeze time and emotion, the art of creating self portraits can portray clouded emotions, colors of contemporary society, metamorphosis of oneself and the turbidity of time.

Likewise, Neonwhitexyz(Instagram handle- @neonwhitexyz) is an artist who uses vivid colors to glorify psychedelic tenderness. His delusional vision reflects the mirage of life and merges his sub conscious thoughts to his consciousness.

Instagram : neonwhitexyz

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