Ton Sai Beach – Art & Adventure

Your sweat drips down your face with no hindrance and your muscles stretches to the maximum – but  you give your best shot to climb the hardest of rocks – Ton Sai beach in the Southern province of Krabi, Thailand is every rock climber’s dream. One can see many climbing ropes hanging in a row on a fine day, and the voices of their effort echoes from every direction. It is mesmerizing to watch rock climbers creating their own mark on the stones untouched.

It is a place where artists, bag packers, wanderers, mountaineers, and beach lovers dwell in peace to enjoy the everlasting scenic beauty. If you stay at Railey Beach(mall peninsula between the city of Krabi and Ao Nang in Thailand), then there are two ways to reach Ton Sai – One is the Hansel Gretel Forest Walk and the other is a rocky path. While the forest route is mysterious, the rocky route is adventurous with no sign boards and one can get confused often. I suggest, one must take both the routes to imbibe the true sense of nature.

The tree houses here teleport you to the amazing forest set up of the 18th century where electricity was a farsighted thing. The vividly colored graffiti on the walls are a sign of a revolution that indicates the accumulation of think tanks at Ton Sai. People indulge in music, philosophy, painting and express themselves through different mediums.


Ton Sai is amazingly flooded with cats and insects , which shows how urbanization has taken over and claimed the spaces which truly belonged to all living beings and not only humans.




If you need a break from the monotony, and then Ton Sai is the best place to relax, climb mountains, or to enhance creativity.


How to Reach

From New Delhi

Air Asia Fligts Till Krabi, Thailand

Take a cab till Aao Nang, Long Tail boats or ships can take you to Ton Sai

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