Is God Deaf

Why the noise surrounding me is slitting me into pieces, turning me into a robot and boiling my heart? Why are we poking our nose into someone else’s business constantly? And the most important question – what have we become?

The recent incidents where the discussion goes beyond logic, makes me wonder the authenticity of being a human. Religion fanatics are butchering people and announcing death sentences in the name of God, so I ask loud and clear –

Is God deaf?

Source : fedsig

Singer Sonu Nigam ranted on Twitter about the disturbance caused by religious rituals/ceremonies, and then no stone is unturned in abusing him online for expressing his views. Everyone is mum in the name of God- no one can touch the subject because for sure hell exists and the dead human skin will peel off; leaving skeletons to suffer. Ironically, the same people have myriad problems when the youngsters party. So, are your ear drum prone to the sound of bells and religious sermons, and only on other musical beats do they create chaos in your mind?

The question remains the same –Why do you think we need to shout the sermons –

Is God deaf?

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